terror |ˈterər |

(n) extreme love and understanding.
(a) the state of constant and ongoing peace. 
(v) to make terror, to promote universal human rights, to respect diversity and esp. freedom of speech. 

We are a collective based in Edinburgh, with a distended political bent.  We aim to normalise resistance to misguided forces that value power and the dollar above human life and global harmony.   We might believe that freedom and democracy have been handed to us by a benevolent and protective state.  Yet, the state is tyrannical - rights have been hard won through blood and sacrifice.  The 'war on TERROR' is symptomatic of the guilty capitalist states’ psychosis, paranoid that the people will turn upon it.  The guilt is transferred onto us. Fear is the new currency and biological matter the new enemy - you, me and the girl next door.

We do stuff, fun stuff, important stuff, silly stuff. We have regular parties that combine music, art and dance. We like to push boundaries and break new ground, from our first night featuring the most violin performances at one hardcore event ever, to showcasing world class illustrators, exotic dancers, international cycling clown jazz bands and urban explorers.  Our music policy is 'hard as fuck', but we also like to showcase top quality hip-hop artists, dope B-Boys, jumping and pumping local bands.

"Everytime we play, we are the roughest."

We also have a range of high quality, hand printed, fair trade, organic T- shirts. Each one is individually hand printed giving you this millenniums unique, must have, system smashing, fashion piece.

We are also very keen film makers, producing video flyers for all our events, and producing music videos for TERROR's favourite acts, documentaries and art pieces.

We also put together art instillations, from work created or featured at our club nights.

Check our Shitter page to be kept up to date with our latest events and projects. If you would prefer to stay away from the putrid, stinking C.I.A sponsored cesspit that is Shitter, but would still like to know what we are up to, then send us a message at info@terrorstate.co.uk and we will put you on our mailing list.