Presentation by David Irvine & Nick Lambert of Maidsafe
Published on 9 Jun 2014 Presentation by David Irvine & Nick Lambert of Maidsafe @ Edinburgh bitcoin meet up #5 June 2014

Video produced by Gareth Hinton @ TERROR

Edinburgh bitcoin meet-up text:
"Decentralisation of the Internet
June 2 6:30 PM Codebase
We're delighted to join forces with our friends at Codebase, the largest technology incubator in Scotland, for this meetup to put on a talk by members David Irvine and Nick Lambert of MaidSafe. Not heard of them yet? You should have. Through the SAFE Network, the guys have developed a way to decentralise the internet. Yes - it's as big as it sounds.
If the vision comes to pass, the work carried out quietly by one small company based in Troon for the last eight years is about to fundamentally change the relationship that each of us has with the internet forever. Check out this video for more information:- The press and the public have now realised that this could be the start of something very big indeed. After starting a crowd sale in April via Bitcoin/Mastercoin, they raised a staggering $6 million in only 5 hours. You can read further coverage of the MaidSafe story so far in Forbes, Wall Street Journal and Wired amongst others.
This is a talk for any Bitcoin enthusiasts, technologists, those interested in privacy, security, freedom, the internet, the future....the whole lot to be honest. Come and learn more about what's going on. As ever, please feel free to share details of the event amongst your networks. Given that we're using Codebase this time around, please register a place using this site so that I can keep a track of numbers as this is likely to be a very popular talk. Any questions, get in touch here or directly with me on Twitter via @dugcampbell.